Our Expertise

We have the Expertise and Knowledge

Cuizina has a rich set of experience and knowledge that allows us to uniquely create recipes to your specific taste profile and needs. We enjoy a unique understanding of many of the industries in which our products are used. Our goal is to be considered part of your team due to our understanding of how your products are used in your application.


Our Expertise | Custom Flavors

Cuizina's customers love our creativity and the way that we partner with them to create and produce unique and distinctive flavors. We will work with you to create a flavor profile that suits your taste, and of course, the taste of your customer!

We invite you to our test kitchen to see how we can create a distinctive flavor for you.


Our Expertise | Food Service

Cuizina has a special understanding of the needs of the food service industry. Consistency from meal to meal along with cost control makes out-sourcing sauces and soups critical. We have designed products to hold up in the most unfriendly environments from buffet lines and extended holding in steam tables to quick serve facilities. Each and every application has its own, unique requirements that are vital to success.

With our help, even your most delicate recipes can perform the way you want them to - time after time.


Our Expertise | Cuizina Retail

Cuizina can offer to retailers their own recipe in 16, 24 or 32oz tubs. Or customer can choose to have Cuizina Family Favorites in a 24oz tub. We offer a generous kettle program for bulk soup at store level and Point of Sale Material ranging from individual soup signs to banners. Contact us for more information


Our Expertise | Industrial Application

Many items manufactured at Cuizina are specifically designed for further processing. By working in partnership with each company's R&D department, we have been successful in developing signature items for varied applications.

Cuizina offers several unique soups and sauces that give manufacturers an opportunity to create signature products with a touch of distinction. Since we specialize in soup and sauce manufacturing, we bring value to processing that cannot be matched by companies with a larger range of products. Sauces must do more than withstand further processing, they need to be designed to enhance other products, take up excess water, prevent drying out or extend shelf life. Whether our products are used in a fresh application, processed and refrozen, or put through the retort process, we are confident that we can find the solution that best fits your needs.